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Powell Peralta Soft Slide Kevin Reimer 72mm 75a Wheels

Powell Peralta Soft Slide Kevin Reimer 72mm 75a Wheels


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The Powell Peralta Soft Slide Kevein Reimer 72mm 75a wheel is the ideal wheel for downhill racing, freeriding, or cruising town on smooth streets with total grip. The shape is wider than any other wheel we make with sharp lips, which will help you stick corners or carves, while the lips have minimal flex to ensure smooth slides. They are race-worthy for one heat, especially for lighter riders, but will still slide with enough effort. Once you break the skin, they are perfect for fast freeride in the heat, or hands down slides when it's colder out. Reliable grip when you need it, and smooth slides when you want them. Truly the best all-around DH wheel in the industry.

The Kevin Reimer, and Byron Essert wheels feature a variant of the Soft Slide Formula that has the same ultra fast roll speed and smooth slides, but will have substantially more grip than our comparable freeride wheels like Snakes. This new Soft Slide Formula is known as SSF PRO.

Being a race wheel with sharp lips, you may lose small chunks while sliding, or when the wheel is worn down more than a few millimeters. They are not suggested for riding on very rough surfaces, those with large cracks, or for use carving around sidewalks due to their very soft 75a compound.

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Powell Peralta Soft Slide Kevin Reimer 72mm 75a Wheels

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