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Longboard Wheels Buying Guide

Choosing the right longboard wheels can be difficult with so many styles and sizes available on the market. We created this longboard wheels guide to help you breeze through the process. Learn more about the different types of longboard wheels below!

Longboard wheels come in a number of different shapes and sizes. The wheels are shaped differently according to the type of riding you will be doing. Freeride and Slide wheels are typically stone ground (pre broken-in surface) with round lips. This allows you to able to slide the board easier than a grippy square lipped wheel. The duro (hardness) of these wheels is typically 75a-85a. The higher number, the harder the wheel. Slide wheels are made by a number of manufacturers, including Orangatang, Powell Peralta, and Blood Orange. Here’s a few examples of popular slide wheels  –

Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pastel Pro Model Series Longboard Wheels 82a LavenderPowell Peralta Snakes Longboard Wheels - Green 69mm 75aOrangatang Kegel 80mm 80a Orange Longboard Skateboard Wheels Set of 4Zombie Hawgs Clear Longboard Slide Wheels 76mm 78a

Downhill longboard wheels are quite a bit different than slide wheels. They are typically wider, with a large contact patch for gripping corners at high speeds. These wheels are normally larger in diameter as well, most being between 72mm and 80mm. They range in durometer, but most riders prefer a 76a to 80a duro wheel. Downhill wheels are made for speed, whether it be racing, or just bombing hills. Some popular downhill wheel brands are Venom, Powell Peralta, and Orangatang. Here’s some examples of downhill longboard wheels –

 Venom Magnum Mach 1 Cannibals Longboard WheelsPowell Peralta Kevin Reimer Pro Longboard Wheels Green 75mm 75aOrangatang Kegel 80mm 80a Orange Longboard Skateboard Wheels Set of 4Biggie Hawgs Blue 73mm 78a Longboard Wheels

Downhill Longboard wheels can also be used as long distance push wheels, or just crusing wheels. Because of the size, they roll over cracks and bumps verys smoothly, so they are very good for all types of applications where you would you just want a smooth roll.  

That sums it up for our longboard wheels guide. Take a look at our site and check out the different types of longboard wheels we stock, and let us know if you have any questions!


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