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Longboard Trucks Buyers Guide

Picking a longboard truck can be overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for or where to start. We created this longboard trucks guide to help you get started. Start learning about the different types of longboard trucks today!

Longboard trucks are a bit different than skateboard trucks. They are wider, usually 180mm, with a 50 degree baseplate angle. They are also reverse kingpin, which makes them turn and lean a lot more than traditional kingpin skateboard trucks. You can adjust or set up your trucks on your longboard differently, according to riding style. For downhill, typically you want a more stable ride, so you will set up the trucks with harder duro bushings. Bushings are urethane pieces that go in the trucks allowing them to turn. You can check out our bushing selection HERE. For cruising and carving, riders usually want to be able to turn easily, so they will set up their trucks with a softer duro bushing.

Longboard trucks can be adjusted according to your skill level and ridingn style. You can always adjust the feel and function of your trucks by just tightening or losing the kingpin. A tighter truck will be more stable, a loser one will turn easier. Most longboard trucks (Paris, Bear Grizzly, Caliber) will work on both drop through longboards and top mount longboards. For drop through boards, you'll need to take the trucks apart, drop them through the deck, and re-assemble them. It's a fairly simple process. Paris, Bear Grizzly, and Caliber are some popular brands of longboard trucks, below are some examples of those.

Paris V2 180mm Adam Colton Longboard TrucksBear Grizzly Black 52° Longboard Trucks 181mmParis V2 Kitten 180mm Longboard Trucks


Those are some examples of cast trucks, there’s also forged precision trucks. These longboard trucks are typically stronger, lighter weight, and more responsive. These trucks come in both 165mm and 180mm sizes, with varying baseplate angles, usually 43 to 50 degrees. Paris and Bear make forged trucks, Below are some examples of those.


Paris Savant Longboard Trucks - Electro LuxeBear Kodiak Forged Precision 45° Longboard Trucks - BlackParis Savant Longboard Trucks - Dark Grey


There are also a type of longboard trucks that are made to turn very sharp, using a double kingping design. These are the Gulllwing Sidewinder Longboard Trucks. They carve ultra sharp, and are not very stable at high speed, but are super fun for cruising around town to the beach. Gullwing Sidewinders are a drop through style truck, but can also be top mounted. Check out some popular colors of the Gullwing Sidewinder trucks below. 

 Gullwing Sidewinder Longboard TrucksGullwing Sidewinder Aqua Longboard TrucksGullwing Sidewinder Longboard Trucks Green

That sums it up for our longboard trucks guide. We offer much more information on the different brands and  types of longboard trucks on our product pages. Check them out, and let us know if you have any questions or need any advice on what trucks you should ride!

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