Slide Gloves and Pads Buying Guide

Longboarding is inherently a dangerous sport, so it’s always a good idea to wear the proper protection. Read our longboard gear guide below to learn about the different equipment you can use to stay safe as you ride!

Most riders wear pads, slide gloves and a helmet. Slide gloves feature pucks on them, so when you put a hand down to slide, the puck slide against the pavement. Slide gloves are also great for protecting your hands when you fall. Some slide gloves had finger and thumb pucks, along with the standard palm puck. Loaded manfuctures this style of gloves, with palm, finger and thumb pucks. This type of longboard protective gear is great if you tend to put your whole hand down when sliding. LoadedSector 9, Landyachtz and Blood Orange are some other manufacturers of slide gloves. Here’s some examples –

Loaded Longboard Slide GlovesSector 9 Driver Longboard Gloves BlackLandyachtz Bones Glow in the Dark Longboard Slide Gloves

Now that you've read our longboard gear guide, get yourself a pair of slide gloves and enhance your riding experience today!

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