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Longboard Helmet Buyers Guide

Picking out a longboard helmet doesn't have to be a daunting task. Check out our quick longboard helmet guide below to find your new helmet with ease!

There are two main styles of longboarding helmets, which are half shell and full face. Half shell are the standard style helmets that go over head, but do not have any face protection. When choosing a helmet, you always want to make sure it is hard foam, CPSC certified. This type of helmet is the most impact resistant, and will protect your head the best. We only stock CPSC certified helmets.  Longboarding helmets can also be used for skateboarding, biking, bmx, and roller derby. S-One and Predator are 2 popular manfucturers of half shell longboarding helmets, here’s a couple examples –

Predator FR7 Longboarding Helmet BlackS1 Lifer Skate House Media Watermelon Longboard Helmet

The other type of longboarding helmet is the full face. These helmets cover your entire head, including your face. They have visers in the front, so you can see. These look like motorcycle helmets, but are made for downhill longboarding. These helmets are usually used for racing and downhill, but some riders use them for freeride and sliding. The TSG Pass is the most popular full face downhill longboarding helmet on the market, here it is –

TSG Pass Satin Black Full Face Downhill Longboard HelmetTSG Pass Acid Yellow Full Face Longboard Helmet

That sums it up for Longboard Helmet Buying Guide. Check out all of the helmets we offer on our site, and let us know if you have any questions. Remember, always wear and helmet, and skate safe!

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