Longboard Bearings Buying Guide

If you're still deciding on which bearings are right for you, check out our longboard bearings guide today!

There are two main types of longboard bearings, which are standard and built-in. Standard longboard bearings are the same as skateboard bearings, 2 bearings per wheels. If you want a bearing spacer (the circular piece that goes in between the bearings in the wheel) , you add those separately. These bearings are made either steel or ceramic. Ceramic ball bearings ride very smooth and fast, and are waterproof. Bones Reds are the most popular style of this standard type of Bearing.

Bones Reds BearingsBones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings

The other style of longboard bearings are built in bearings. These bearings feature a built in spacer and speed rings. You do not need to add a spacer when inserting these into your wheels. Many riders prefer these because they are smooth and have a fast roll speed, but also because it’s easier to change your bearings when  you less parts.  Zealous and Bones are two most popular manufacturers of built in bearings. Here’s a couple examples –

Zealous Built In Longboard Skateboard BearingsBones Race Reds Built In Spacer Bearings

That sums it up for our Longboard Bearings Guide. Please take a look at out site and check out the many different brands and types of longboard bearings we offer, and let us know if you have any questions!

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