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Pantheon Sacrifice Longboard Deck

Pantheon Sacrifice Longboard Deck


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Quick Overview

The Pantheon Sacrifice is a snappy brick built out of the 2017 Sage mold. With wheelbase options from 26-28 inches and spacing at every half inch, you are in primary wheelbase-land for hauling ass.

The crescent drop remains the same as the original Sage deck, but this year they have incorporated a meaty full W concave with perfect pockets between the W-concave and drops in both the front and back. They did this because they felt like the Sage platform was long enough to get a little lost on, and by adding the W feature, they have fully eliminated that, as well as increasing torsional strength and overall rigidity. They lengthened the distance between the drops vs. the older Sage model by 1/2 inch to fully incorporate the W into the platform and to maximize the size of the board into the haul-ass wheelbase options. They also slightly reduced the concave from last year’s model to reduce heel slip on heelside slides and improve board feel through the W-concave. Lastly, that W-concave is going to be just about the most comfortable and functional W you’ve ever stood on. So say goodbye to monkey toe and be prepared to huck and tuck!

Overall features:

– Same 1/4″ crescent drop you know and love
– 35 3/8 inch length
– 26-28 inch wheelbase
– 9 5/8 inch width
– Symmetrical standing platform between the drops
– Wholesome and bonerific at the same time
– Tons of Wheel Clearance
– Best graphic ever
– All the features


Pantheon Sacrifice Longboard Deck

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