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Pantheon Logos Longboard Deck 2017

Pantheon Logos Longboard Deck 2017


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The 2017 Pantheon Logos longboard is here and ready to shred! Freshly revamped for the 2017 lineup, the Logos deck from PANTHEON. This deck is a full-on fun-board. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, maybe more. At only 7-ply, the Logos is light enough to kick around to wherever you’re going, and ollie, slide, and putt putt like it’s your job along the way. We built our strong as hell crescent drop with built-in wheel flares, which then feed into a radiused tail. What this means is that there are no flat/weak spots on the longboard deck that would make it susceptible to breaking. Nor are there any points on the board that make it overly susceptible to getting beat up! The kicks, rounded rails, and overall shape of the board has no hot-spots, so don’t except chipped wheel wells like many rivaling decks (are there even?). So kickflip your heart out!

This is a big step away from previous years’ Logos decks, though it still fits into the quiver as a pocket knife, capable of just about anything. They designed the Pantheon Logos longboard around RKP trucks. This is IMPORTANT, because TKP trucks will not give your kicks the geometry needed to really get this board in the air. Add a wheelbase on the inside if you like, but they designed this board to get your foot all up in that drop section, and if they flush mounted it for TKPs, they'd have a 7-ply board with a flush mount, and that just seems like a bad idea. So…big soft risers and a drill, maybe, but ideally, put some RKPs on it.

Overall, this ought to be your board if you want to have fun on a skateboard. We fully expect this to be #1 deck on the hill at your local slide jam, and it is the board you will take around the block every single day once you get it dialed. If there are hills, funky sidewalks, and obstacles in between you and your destination, all the better!

38" Skateboard Deck Features:
– 1/8 inch microdrop
– 1/4 inch rocker
– 38 inches long
– 20 inch wheelbase
– Style points
– Lit graphic that is so woke

Length - 38"
Width - 9.7"
Wheelbase - 20"

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Pantheon Logos Longboard Deck 2017

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