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Pantheon Logos Longboard Deck 2016

Pantheon Logos Longboard Deck 2016


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The 2016 Pantheon Logos is here and ready to shred! This year they kept the platform generally the same size as the 2015 V2. They increased the drop to 1/4", increased the concave going into the drop to produce a mild flare for greater wheel clearance. They took the center concave back down to the original 2014 V1 version. The flare combines with the drop in a way that you've definitely never felt in any other board. Rocker stayed the same on the V3 as the V2. At 1/4", it's still subtle and not obnoxious but gets the job done.

Last thing they changed this year is the tail. It is now a shape we like to call the "swoop tail," which is just a gentle increasing radius, as opposed to the through-concave paddle tail that we've seen in past Logos decks. They did this to add a little bit of tail feel. You can now reach back without looking and know where you are, where the end is, all that good stuff. Second, the swoopy nature of the tail is really great at locking in when sliding. Blunt slides and just slides off the tail in general are now doable with much more confidence. The tail itself is actually a very subtle bowl shape, from the start all the way to the very tip. You're going to love it!

Length - 38.75"
Width - 9.7"
Wheelbase - 23.5-25.5"
Drop - .25"
Rocker - .25"
Construction - 9 ply maple

Recommended Setup: Caliber II Trucks, Venom Harlot Wheels


Pantheon Logos Longboard Deck 2016

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